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Virtually Live 2020

The Brexit checklist: Practical considerations for business

Speakers: John Boulton, Rachel Underhill

Schedule: 19 Aug 2020 00:00 - 00:30 BST


Like it or not, the end of the transition period is fast approaching. Research shows that around 75% of businesses are not ready for Brexit and the pandemic is certainly not making preparations easy.

Join John Boulton, Director for Technical Policy and Rachel Underhill, Senior Business Strategy Manager at ICAEW as they discuss The Brexit Checklist in this 30 minute on-demand session. 

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Building on the success of 2020's event, Virtually Live returns on 15, 16 & 17 June 2021. ICAEW will be hosting a series on live and on demand sessions providing insight and expertise on the key issues effecting finance professionals.

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John Boulton, Director of Technical Policy, is a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2020
John Boulton Director of Technical Policy, ICAEW

John will be providing insights into the impact of Brexit on the finance profession.

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Additional articles and content covering: the impacts of COVID-19 and Brexit, the future of work, technology, business change and talent management.

Rachel Underhill is Senior Business Strategy Manager, ICAEW and a speaker at Virtually Live 2020
Rachel Underhill Senior Business Strategy Manager, ICAEW

Rachel will be chairing a number of sessions throughout Virtually Live.

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