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More inspirational insights from ICAEW members and industry experts, covering: sustainability, diversity, leadership, social diversity and women in finance.



Social mobility


Women in finance

“Go for it”: women’s future in chartered accountancy

Ann Rinsler, ACA, Financial Executive and one of the ICAEW Women in Finance founders, offers past and present perspectives on women in the profession, along with broad insights into career development, diversity in 2020 and what comes next.

Does equal pay equate to equal opportunity?

29 May 2020: Some 50 years after the Equal Pay Act, there is still a pay gap in every sector of the economy. But does the shift in working patterns driven by coronavirus offer an opportunity to level the playing field?


Health and wellbeing during COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis has forced many people to change their usual work practices and work from home for an extended period. This page gathers together useful resources providing practical advice on how to maintain your physical and mental health during the pandemic.

Counting the cost of mental health in business

7 February 2020: new analysis has put the cost to business of poor mental health at a staggering £45bn, with professional services firms on the front line. So what support mechanisms can businesses put in place to tackle these issues and build resilience in staff? Rachel Willcox investigates.

Eight top tips for wellbeing in the workplace

20 January 2020: we spend the majority of our time at work, so our wellbeing in the workplace should be of paramount importance. Sarah Dale, former PwC chartered accountant and now chartered occupational psychologist and founder of Creating Focus, shares her tips.