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ICAEW Virtually Live

Meet our speakers

15-17 June 2021

ICAEW Virtually Live 2021 will be focusing on the future and how the coronavirus pandemic will shape businesses, practices and career paths. Learn more about the speakers who will be sharing their expertise and experience.

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Our speakers

Rebecca Bennyworth
Rebecca Benneyworth Lecturer, writer and tax consultant

Rebecca is a lecturer, writer and consultant on a wide variety of taxes. She lectures extensively to accountants and business people, and also to HMRC and the Treasury. She also has an interest in all issues affecting smaller practices and has her own small accountancy practice based in Gloucestershire.

John Boulton, Director of Technical Policy, is a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2020
John Boulton Director of Technical Policy, ICAEW

John is an ICAEW Chartered Accountant and has worked as a preparer, auditor and analyst of listed company financial information. He joined ICAEW as Director of Technical Policy in 2015, having previously worked as a Manager, Corporate Reporting between 2010 and 2013. He’s also worked for the Financial Accounting Standards Board and Fitch Ratings.

Sara Brennan is Positive Business Director at Pentland Brands and is a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Sara Brennan Positive Business Director, Pentland Brands

Sara is tasked in looking at how Pentland and its portfolio of brands, can accelerate its commitment to take action for people and our planet. Sara started her career in regulatory affairs and later moved into sustainability and CSR, while working in the petrochemical industry.

Robert Brooker is Head of Forensics and Fraud at PKF GM and a speaker at Virtually Live 2021
Robert Brooker Head of Forensics and Fraud, PKF GM

Formerly Head of Fraud at Transport for London, Robert is an accredited counter-fraud specialist and financial investigator. He has led disciplinary and criminal investigations, concerning fraud, bribery, corruption, security, cybercrime, intellectual property and procurement. He has more than 20 years’ experience and is Chair of the London Fraud Forum.

William Brooks is ICAEW President and opens Day 2 of ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
William Brooks President, ICAEW

Managing Director at Eximus Capital, he will take office as the President of ICAEW in June 2021. After working in practice and industry, William established a consulting firm in 1991. He has served as an NED for many years and specialises in governance and corporate strategy. He has been involved with ICAEW since 2000.

Trade and economy
Julie Brown FCA is CFO and COO at Burberry and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Julie Brown FCA COO & CFO, Burberry

Julie joined Burberry from Smith & Nephew where she was the Group CFO from 2013-2017. Previously she was Interim Group CFO of AstraZeneca after 25 years in roles covering group and business finance, strategy and commerce. Julie is a NED and Audit Chair of Roche Holding Limited and on the Business Advisory Board to the Mayor of London.

Career and personal development
Alan Chan is Finance Director at Supercharge and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Alan Chan ACA Finance Director, SuperCharge Group

Alan’s first job in industry was as employee #9 at the first American F1 team in 30 years. He has spent half his career in businesses that are losing money but building rapidly. Now, he is the Finance Director for a new electric motorsports series and has set up his own practice, Cornerstone Accounts.

Trade and economy
Jacqueline Chan is Managing Director and CFO of DBS Bank Hong Kong, and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Jacqueline Chan ACA Managing Director and CFO, DBS Bank Hong Kong

As a senior leader of the management team at DBS Bank Hong Kong, Jacqueline manages financial stewardship, corporate treasury and the planning function. Jacqueline has held leadership roles with Deutsche Bank, Barclays Group, and Salomon Brothers. She was awarded CFO of the Year for Excellence in Finance Transformation by CFO Innovation Asia in 2017

David Chitty is International Accounting & Audit Director at Crowe Global and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
David Chitty International Accounting and Audit Director, Crowe Global

David works with member firms of Crowe Global to support the firms in their delivery of international audit services. David was previously an audit partner with the United Kingdom member firm of Crowe Global. David was responsible for the audit of public companies and international businesses. He also provided support to market transactions.

Trade and economy
Ruth Corkin is Director - VAT and Indirect Tax Advisory at Hillier Hopkins and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Ruth Corkin Director - VAT and Indirect Tax Advisory, Hillier Hopkins

Ruth has been involved with VAT for more than 30 years. She started her career as a Customs and Excise Officer in Essex and moved into consultancy with a variety of well-known accountancy firms. She is the author of many articles and technical works on VAT.

Career and personal development
Oliver Deacon, leadership coach and speaker at ICAEW virtually live 2020
Oliver Deacon, ACA Leadership Coach

Oliver is an ICAEW member, a qualified ACC Executive Coach and a former Finance Director at Microsoft. He brings a refreshing and inspiring perspective to modern finance. Throughout his career, he has helped teams manage change through integrating the skills and cloud tools of the next generation of finance.

Amanda Digne Malcolm
Amanda Digne-Malcolm Director of Practice, ICAEW

Amanda is a Chartered Accountant and spent several years in practice before joining ICAEW. She leads a team that is responsible for fostering good support, guidance and engagement with practice members. Amanda has been instrumental in developing support for ICAEW members through the use of artificial intelligence.

Chris Downing is Director for Accountants and Bookkeepers at Sage and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Chris Downing Director for Accountants and Bookkeepers, Sage

Chris joined Sage having been a partner at a top 100 accountancy firm. He brings nearly 20 years’ hands on experience and strategic insight of the profession, coupled with an infectious enthusiasm in the adoption of technology and business intelligence to improve reporting and drive innovation in the SME sector.

Trade and economy
Ronan Dunne is Executive Vice President and Group CEO of Verizon Consumer and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Ronan Dunne EVP and Group CEO, Verizon Consumer

Ronan joined Verizon in 2016 and leads the teams responsible for providing wireline voice, data and TV products and services and wireless connected experiences to more than 100 million consumers every day. In addition, his teams are helping to build the first 5G technology network that will redefine how customers live, work and play.

Mark Edmonson, president and CEO of Inflo and speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2020
Mark Edmondson ACA President and CEO of Inflo

As a specialist in the use of technology within compliance and advisory services, Mark is the brainchild behind the software company Inflo. It helps firms of all sizes improve team productivity and the quality of work, as well as create a stronger value proposition to increase fee income from existing and new clients.

Career and personal development
Nick Elston, a leading speaker on anxiety, mental health and wellbeing.
Nick Elston Leading authority on mental health

Nick engages audiences worldwide with his insights and tools on managing anxiety. These insights are drawn from his own personal experiences with mental illness, mental health and adversity.

Trade and economy
Tanuvi Ethunandan is CEO and co-founder of Data Duopoly and is speaking on entrepreneurialism at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Tanuvi Ethunandan ACA CEO, Data Duopoly

As a Chartered Accountant previously working at EY, Tanuvi takes the lead on the financial and business strategy at Data Duopoly. Having graduated from Cambridge University reading Economics, and completing a Masters in Entrepreneurship, she is well placed to understand the data analysis requirements for venues, which Data Duopoly provides

Trade and economy
Nick Farmer is a Partner at Menzies and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Nick Farmer Parter, Menzies

Nick specialises in providing tax advice to SMEs, mid-corporate businesses, and their shareholders. He has extensive experience in UK and international tax issues. Nick qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse in 1996 and joined Menzies in 2000, after qualifying as a Chartered Tax Adviser. Nick became a partner at in 2002.

Talent and diversity
Megan Fitzpatrick – Business Engagement Executive, ICAEW
Megan Fitzpatrick Business Engagement Executive, ICAEW

Megan is part of ICAEW’s Business and Industrial Strategy team. Her role is to ensure that members working in industry are supported by and engaged with their Institute. Megan is particularly focused on ensuring that ICAEW’s younger business members can influence ICAEW as the leaders of tomorrow.

Financial reporting
Jean-Mare Franklin is a financial reporting trainer for the ICAEW Academy and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Jean-Maré Franklin FCA Financial Reporting Trainer

Jean-Maré has a passion for technical accounting and its interaction with commercial reality. She has practical experience in audit, advisory and industry, and recently completed mandates as a Technical Accounting Consultant / Policy Director at FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies. She provides financial reporting training for ICAEW’s Academy, as well as to in-house audiences and as a guest lecturer at universities.

Kyle Gibbons is Managing Director, Europe for Confirmation and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Kyle Gibbons Managing Director, Europe for Confirmation, a part of Thomson Reuters

Kyle previously trained as an auditor at Grant Thornton and is a regular speaker on the topics of technology and fraud risk across accounting and finance.

Verna Gellvear works within the Customer Readiness and External Stakeholder Team at HMRC and is a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Verna Gellvear Customer Readiness and External Stakeholder Team, HMRC

Verna joined HMRC from DWP in 1998. She has held a number of compliance roles and spent a number of years investigating fraud involving organised crime and missing traders. She also worked as a Business Learning Manager for HMRC’s Tax Specialist Programme. Verna now leads on external stakeholder engagement for the Making Tax Digital Programme

Talent and diversity
Stacey Gordon is Chief Diversity Strategist at Diversity Matters and a speaker at Virtually Live 2021
Stacey Gordon Chief Diversity Strategist, Diversity Matters

Stacey A. Gordon is focused on improving workplace cultures and her mission is to reduce bias in global talent acquisition and management. To that end, Stacey offers diversity, inclusion and career related online courses which have been viewed more than 1 million times. In her capacity as a highly-rated coach and advisor, she is a former member of Forbes Coaching Council, has coached D&I practitioners at The Forum on Workplace Inclusion and co-hosted two seasons of the Inclusionomics(R) podcast with listeners from all around the globe.

Sharron Gunn 2018
Sharron Gunn Chief Operating Officer, ICAEW

Sharron qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1989. After leaving practice she worked for Wates City before joining J Sainsbury. She joined ICAEW in 2001 and was appointed Executive Director a decade later. In 2016 her role was expanded to include the support of ICAEW’s members in the UK and internationally and in 2021 she was appointed COO.

Sophie Hackford is a futurist, technologist, researcher and anthropologist. She's a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Sophie Hackford Futurist, Technologist, Researcher and Anthropologist

Sophie asks challenging questions about the accelerating technologies that are shaping the future. She travels the world visiting maker, hacker, science and space communities, from Shenzhen to Detroit, discovering emerging technologies off the beaten track. Sophie uses these insights to speak about our global future, from virtual technologies to genetics to existential risk.

Roz Harrington
Roz Harrington Practice Manager, ICAEW

Roz works to provide ICAEW practitioners with access to skills, knowledge and tools to serve their clients across the business and wider community. An experienced engagement strategist and project manager, before joining ICAEW she served as Hospitals Operations Manager for Nuffield Health supporting 31 hospitals across the UK.

Andrew Hicks is Chief Financial Officer of Advanced and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Andrew Hicks Chief Financial Officer, Advanced

Andrew joined Advanced in December 2015 with 15 years’ experience in senior finance roles. He is now leading the group’s strategic and operational finance, legal and HR departments.

Katie Hoare is Global Head of Practice Solutions at Dext and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Katie Hoare Global Head of Practice Solutions, Dext

Katie worked in practice for 13 years at Wright Vigar and managed their digitalisation project. She is also an experienced accounting solutions consultant.

Alison Horner is  Indirect Tax Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2020
Alison Horner Indirect Tax Partner, MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Alison is a Chartered Tax Adviser who works closely with MHA clients across the network to manage the complexities of VAT and to identify VAT savings and opportunities.

Michael Izza
Michael Izza Chief Executive, ICAEW

Appointed Chief Executive in 2006, Michael's leadership has seen ICAEW embrace a vision of 'a World of Strong Economies', transforming itself into a professional accountancy body with a truly global identity and reach. He regularly meets ministers, policymakers and regulators around the world, and is a frequent media commentator on economic and business issues.

Trade and economy
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson CBE Director of the IFS

Paul has been Director of the IFS since January 2011. He is also visiting professor in the Department of Economics at University College London. He has worked and published extensively on the economics of public policy and was awarded a CBE for services to the social sciences and economics in 2018.

Latifa Kapadia works within Corporate Sustainability at PwC and is a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Latifa Kapadia Corporate Sustainability, PwC

Latifa is a senior corporate sustainability, business and PR leader with more than 15 years’ strategic and operational experience. She is an advisor to PwC’s Global Corporate Sustainability team and sits on the firm’s Fair Business Working Group. After leaving a career in PR, Latifa joined PwC in 2005 and qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Nila Khan
Nila Khan, FCA BFP ICAEW Business Advice Manager

Nila is a fellow of the ICAEW and qualified with a Big Four firm. She has been a principal in practice for 13 years. At ICAEW, Nila is part of the practice team and develops advisory resources for members in practice and their clients.

Paul Lodder is Domain Product Expert at Dext and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Paul Lodder Domain Product Expert, Dext

Paul is a Chartered Accountant with more than 20 years of experience, primarily at Sagars, where he was the cloud accounting partner.

Penelope Mantzaris is Senior Vice President at Edelman Data & Intelligence and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Penelope Mantzaris Senior Vice President, Edelman Data & Intelligence

Penelope leads on financial services at Edelman’s global insight and analytics agency. Prior to joining Edelman, she was Director at Gracechurch Consulting, a management consultancy focused on Professional Services. Penelope has extensive research experience in brand, trust and reputation. She started her career at Unilever and has held positions at GfK and TNS.

Sustainable development
Emily McKenzie, Head of Evidence and Policy for the Economics of Biodiversity independent review team at HM Treasury, and speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Emily McKenzie Head of Evidence and Policy, Economics of Biodiversity, HM Treasury

Emily is Head of Evidence and Policy for the Economics of Biodiversity independent review team based at HM Treasury. Previously she worked on England’s new Environmental Land Management scheme at Defra and as Chief Adviser for Economics and Sustainability in WWF’s Global Science team. She is a member of ICAEW’s Sustainability Committee.

Talent and diversity
James McMillan is Non-Executive Director at Stockport Credit Union and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
James McMillan NED, Stockport Credit Union

James is Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee for Stockport Credit Union, and co-founder and CEO of joinmynexus.com a smart-matching system for early-stage entrepreneur investment. In 2020 he became one of the youngest ever winners of the IoD Director of the Year, in the Non-Executive category.

Trade and economy
David Mellor is Chief Executive Officer of Crowe Global and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
David Mellor Chief Executive Officer, Crowe Global

David has been advising international businesses and their shareholders on tax matters for more than 25 years. He is a specialist in corporate and cross-border taxation, acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures and corporate reorganizations. Previously, David was Chief Executive of Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP. He is a Council Member of ICAEW.

Anita Monteith Technical Lead & Senior Policy Adviser, Tax Faculty
Anita Monteith Tax technical lead and senior policy adviser, ICAEW

Anita has a particular interest in tax matters affecting SMEs and is closely involved with online filing developments. In her time at ICAEW she has been seconded to the government’s Treasury Select Committee and appointed Specialist Adviser to a House of Lords Committee. She is a member of the Tax Professionals Forum which reviews the government’s policy making process.

Karen Morrall is CEO of Lockdown Cyber Security and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Karen Morrall ACA CEO, Lockdown Cyber Security

A Chartered Accountant for more than 25 years, Karen qualified at EY within audit. She has worked in numerous global enterprise-level and many SME businesses, and is an experienced Finance Director. She successfully co-founded Avid Pear in 2013, which partnered with legal firms on seeking equitable VAT treatment of postal services, and Lockdown is her first CEO role.

Shru Morris is CEO of Napthens and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Shru Morris CEO, Napthens

Prior to becoming CEO, Shru was Napthens’ Finance Director where she helped drive performance across the business and led the finance function. Shru has worked in professional services for more than 10 years, having worked at RSM and headed the finance department at Weightmans Solicitors. She has experience in audit, tax, mergers, acquisitions and finance transformation.

Jamie Nolan, Xero Partner Consultant Lead is speaking at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Jamie Nolan Partner Consultant Lead, Xero

Jamie has more than nine years’ experience in accounting across practice and industry. Before joining Xero’s partner consulting team in 2017, he worked in a management accounting role on a farm, and then as an Implementation Consultant working with practices. Based in Liverpool, he covers the North West and helps Xero partners to deliver on their digital ambition.

Jason Adcock is Sales and Broking Director at Marsh Commercial and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2020
Ed Partridge Senior Vice President, Marsh Commercial

Ed has more than 18 years’ experience in the insurance market, specialising in working with organisations to develop bespoke insurance for their members and clients. Ed looks after Marsh’s Bristol Centre of Excellence, which has a core specialism in professional indemnity insurance (PII) for accountants.

Trade and economy
Andrea Reynolds is CEO of Swoop and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2020
Andrea Reynolds FCA CEO, Swoop

Andrea qualified with KPMG Ireland and transferred to the London Management Consultancy division. Since leaving KPMG, she has consulted to large corporations and SMEs alike. For 10 years, Andrea has worked with SMEs to assist them with their fundraising and helped secure £180m. To scale this experience, she launched the online finance matching platform Swoop.

Elizabeth Richards is Head of Corporate Governance at ICAEW and a speaker at Virtually Live 2021
Elizabeth Richards Head of Corporate Governance, ICAEW

Elizabeth is a solicitor with a Masters' in International Law. For 20 years she has specialised in professional ethics and business policy, on behalf of the Law Society, Gambling Commission, OECD and Prosperity Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. At ICAEW she leads on public policy and thought leadership on corporate governance.

Trade and economy
Alison Ring is ICAEW's Director, Public Sector and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Alison Ring FCA Director, Public Sector, ICAEW

Alison joined ICAEW in 2019 and leads ICAEW’s policy and technical work examining the public sector. After completing a law degree and qualifying with a medium-sized accountancy firm, she worked in practice for several years before joining HMRC in 1994. She spent 25 years there and ended her career as the Commissioners’ Advisory Accountant.

Trade and economy
Paul Samrah is a Partner and Brexit Impact Specialist, Moore Kingston Smith and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Paul Samrah Partner and Brexit Impact Specialist, Moore Kingston Smith

Paul has been a Partner at Moore Kingston Smith since 1992, having trained and qualified with the firm. Paul’s varied client base includes limited companies, partnerships and sole trader businesses. He has extensive experience of business and share valuations and offers a broad range of strategic, commercial and taxation advice.

John Selwood is an independent training consultant and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
John Selwood ACA Independent training consultant

John lectures for major accountancy practices, professional bodies, training companies and publishers. He speaks on auditing, financial reporting, company law and anti-money laundering. Previously, a technical partner for a top-30 firm of accountants and head of an accountancy network. He is a member of ICAEWs Audit and Assurance Faculty’s Technical and Practical Auditing Committee.

Trade and economy
Andries Smit is CEO & Founder of Upsidesaving and is speaking on entrepreneurialism at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Andries Smit ACA CEO & Founder, Upsidesaving

An entrepreneurial leader with a track record of success leading financial services organisations from start-ups to large corporates, including PwC, Morgan Stanley, RBS and Aviva. Andries has 20 years’ experience working in the UK, Canada, South Africa and Asia, and his experience spans working with publicly traded companies, venture investors and scale-ups.

Trade and economy
Ian Stewart is a Partner and Chief Economist at Deloitte and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Ian Stewart Partner and Chief Economist, Deloitte

Ian advises boards and companies on macroeconomics. Ian devised the Deloitte Survey of CFOs and writes a popular weekly economics blog, the Monday Briefing. His previous roles include Chief Economist for Europe at Merrill Lynch, Head of Economics in the Conservative Research Department and Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

Talent and diversity
Lanre Sulola ACA is CEO & Founder of Inner Ambitions and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Lanre Sulola ACA CEO & Founder, Inner Ambitions

Lanre is passionate about empowering individuals to fulfil their aspirations. His coaching and facilitation expertise is founded on experience at global firms PwC and Accenture where he had an outstanding record of designing and delivering people development programmes. Lanre’s strong commercial and financial background has been a key asset in stimulating business and personal performance improvement.

Career and personal development
Caroline Stockmann FCA, is Chief Executive of ACT and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Caroline Stockmann FCA Chief Executive, ACT

Caroline has been Chief Executive of the Association of Corporate Treasurers since February 2017. Her 30 years’ business experience includes CFO positions at The British Council and Save the Children International, as well as other senior finance, commercial and strategic roles at various international commercial organisations including Unilever.

Simone Taylor-Allkins is a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2020
Simone Taylor-Allkins Senior Professional Consultant, ICAEW

After qualifying with a top 20 firm, Simone moved to Grant Thornton and worked with a diverse portfolio of manager-owned business. From 2007 she worked as a freelance finance trainer for non-financial managers and in 2010 she joined the ICAEW Technical Advisory Service, where she helps fellow chartered accountants understand regulations.

Sir Jon Thompson is Chief Executive, Financial Reporting Council and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Sir Jon Thompson CEO, Financial Reporting Council

Prior to joining the FRC Jon was the CEO of HMRC and before that Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence. Jon has had a lengthy finance career including as Director General, Finance at the MoD, Director General, Corporate Services at the Department for Education and Finance Director of Ofsted. Before joining the Civil Service he held roles in the public and corporate sectors.

Andrew Thurston is Customs Duty Consultant at MHA MacIntyre Hudson and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2020
Andrew Thurston Customs Duty Consultatnt, MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Andrew joined MHA as Customs Duty Consultant in October 2019. He joined from HMRC where he gained valuable experience liaising with all sizes and sectors of companies within the UK by facilitating customs procedures and assessing compliance.

Rachel Underhill is Senior Business Strategy Manager, ICAEW and a speaker at Virtually Live 2020
Rachel Underhill Senior Business Strategy Manager, ICAEW

Rachel is part of ICAEW's Business and Industrial Strategy team. Her focus is helping members working in business to engage, connect and influence with ICAEW, policymakers and stakeholders. Before she joined ICAEW, Rachel spent four years in a derivatives trading provider with particular focus on FX and UK equities analysis.

Trade and economy
Clare Urmston is Chief Financial Officer at ANEMOI and a speaker at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021
Clare Urmston CFO, Anemoi Marine Technologies

Anemoi provides wind power technology to the global shipping market, increasing vessel efficiency by lowering fuel consumption. Alongside her role as CFO at Anemoi, Clare is a NED at Nottingham University Hospital Trust and sits on ICAEW’s Business Committee. Previously, she was CFO of Mamas and Papas, Symingtons and Wilko Retail

Charlie Warne is Senior Solutions Consultant at AppZen and a speaker at Virtually Live 2021
Charlie Warne Senior Solutions Consultant, AppZen

Charlie works with organisations of all sizes across the EMEA region to help them understand how an AI powered audit platform can support strategies to reduce costs, streamline process and be compliant both with internal policy and with external regulations. Charlie has more than a decade of experience, with previous roles at Concur and Infor.

Iain Wright
Iain Wright Managing Director, Reputation and Influence, ICAEW

Iain Wright joined ICAEW as Director of Corporate and Regional Engagement in June 2018. Iain trained as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte & Touche and worked for the firm until 2003.